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Roctober Reviews:

Sawyer’s dramatic Middle Earth singing and melodramatic music make for An Unexpected Musical Journey. And he’s not singing about magic elf stuff, it’s all about economic woes and real people problems, but executed with the flair of a middle ages troubador.


February 2013: The album is out!; Chicken Stock; Escarole Soup; Frugality 101, Sir Laughalot

March 2013: Working on a new album; Cioppino, Frugality 101, Sir Laughalot

April 2013: Album reviews; Eggplant Sauce for Pasta; Frugality 101, Sir Laughalot

May 2013: The real problem with radio; Cabbage soup from the Lyon’s English Grill; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

June 2013: In honor of Lance Corporal Jeffrey Lucey (1981-2004); Coq au Vin; Frugality 101

July 2013: The real problem with albums; Lentils and Italian Sausages; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

August 2013: “The Invisible Wounds Of War”; Barbecue sauces; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

September 2013: Articles of interest; Chinese Barbecue chicken; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

October 2013: Dr. Charles Klieman; Chicken Cacciatore; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

November 2013: Music and Technology; Parmesan Mashed Potatoes; Frugality 101; Sir Laughalot

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