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Dear Reviewer:

I have created this web page especially for you. Below are downloadable MP3s of all of the songs from my new album, “Chronicles and Vanity” and the One Sheet that I would have sent along with a CD, in PDF Form.  If there is anything you need that is not here please feel free to contact me at and I’ll assist you as best I can. Although I am happy to provide you with these MP3s for your convenience please do not share this web page address or the MP3s that you download. Thank you!

All the best,

Garrett Sawyer

1. The_Year_Of_Nobody’s_Lord.MP3 (3:41)

2. High_Clouds_And_Low_Ceilings.MP3 (4:04)

3. One_Falcon_Down.MP3 (5:14)

4. Shadow_Of_The_Coyote.MP3 (3:32)

5. Boy_Eternal.MP3 (4:09)

6. Come_Back_If_You_Can.MP3 (4:15)

7. Division_Street.MP3 (4:33)

8. Neil_Sends_Regrets.MP3 (4:16)

9. Seamless.MP3 (3:50)

10. Lorelei.MP3 (3:45)

11. Sincerely_Yours_Anonymous.MP3 (4:09)

12. Chronicles_And_Vanity.MP3 (3:37)

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