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How to eat like a Rock Star

“If music be the food of love, play on….”

                                                       Shakespeare, Twelfth Night (I,I,1)

     So how do you eat like a rock star? Well, if I had titled this page correctly it would have read “How to eat as well as a rock star” (I ran out of room in the Site Map above).

     All right, so how do you eat as well as a rock star? Simple! Cook at home! It isn’t called “the best restaurant in town” for nothing, you know. And I can tell you from over 30 years of experience that it’s not nearly as hard as you might think.

     I have two qualifications for writing this column….first, I love good food as much as any of you. And, second, I’m totally cheap! That’s right, I want to eat fine cuisine but I don’t want to have to pay through the nose (or wallet!) for it.

     So dive in to my best recipes below. Yes, I know, you can get tons of recipes on this thing called the Internet. But these are straight from my kitchen to yours. And where else but here can you find something terrific to make AND the music to play while you’re preparing it from the same guy?!



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